Twitter as a valuable source of information for traders


Twitter as a valuable source of information for traders

Information equals money. In the case of investors, the sooner we learn about global events and market developments, the faster we can react to make a profit or stop losses in time. If you are just beginning your adventure with financial markets, you need to know the incredibly useful source of information that is Twitter.

The principle of Twitter is very simple. Users through short messages, so-called tweets, send information about current events or their opinions. The information is brief (max. 140 characters) and provided in an easy-to-read format. If we properly configure our account, we can create a newsfeed, a stream of information on a topic that we’re interested in.

It is worth to visit the account of RANsquawk, whose editors handle real-time analysis, economic discussions, and current affairs. Also, ForexLive is helpful, where experts comment on the market situation on a regular basis. Forex Factory gives high-quality information to traders, it usually posts one tweet per day, which includes a link to the hottest event, most often from their forums or external portals. Many interesting materials are also sent by private investors running their blogs or websites.


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