Creating a forex trading platform requires devoting a lot of time and money. But it’s the first step you’ve made. You’ve got a website, but no one knows about it. How to change it? How to drive traffic to our forex brokerage website? Find out below.

The most popular way to do it is through Google Adwords. Google is the king of on-line advertising, and if you create a website following its guidelines, you’ll rank high. But bear in mind that Google is often changing these guidelines, so you have to constantly browse them and adjust when necessary.

First “google” your website and see where it is ranked in relation to your competitors and how much effort you have to put to improve your ranking. Use statistics to check who visits your website and where they come from, how much time they spend on your website and when they leave it. You can do it using Google URL builder and on the basis of conclusions, introduce some changes in the website.

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If you’ve already cooperated with other companies, exchange testimonials with them, and offer to place links to their websites if they agree to publish the link to your Forex brokerage website on their sites. You can also donate some money or perform volunteer work for some charity organizations in exchange for placing the link to your platform on their sites.

You’ll acquire a lot of customers if you publish some videos, moving pictures attract a lot more attention, but remember about using keywords when you describe them. You always have to ensure that the content of your website is keyword-oriented.

Bear in mind that Google’s algorithm punishes portals for publishing unnatural links and they may affect your ranking in a negative way, so if you find any of them on your website, immediately remove them.

If you remember to follow these guidelines, you’ll see your website will be going on top.


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