Michal Copiuk is the Chief Operating Officer of X Open Hub, a multi-asset liquidity and trading technology provider for financial institutions and retail brokerages. Finance Magnates interviewed Copiuk to understand the firm’s reasons for becoming a cryptocurrency liquidity provider.

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What is your opinion about the cryptocurrency market?
Despite the increasing popularity and publicity it enjoys, not many people yet know how to trade with cryptocurrencies. A lot of investors are not feeling comfortable with the technology needed to store bitcoins and other altcoins. As various statistics show there is still some lack of trustworthiness in the technology used to store clients’ coins, no matter if those are virtual wallets or hard wallets.

Clients are also afraid of the security of their fiat money, as many of the available exchanges are not regulated.

We very well know the history of the top crypto exchanges that have failed to deliver necessary level of security for their clients. What is more, even today many of them have some technical problems, either with API or quoting one of the several instruments from their portfolio.


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